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Cameron's Regiment / le régiment d'Albanie
The regimental
Colour of le Régiment d'Albanie
Le Régiment d'Albanie was raised by Prince Charles Edward Stuart for Donald Cameron of Lochiel in 1747, disbanded in 1748 when the Prince lost favour in France. Never saw action.

From the

"Early months of 1747......Locheil sought to reconcile himself to exile and the colonelcy of the newly raised Regiment d'Albanie, the third Scottish regiment in the army of France.

All officers of the Regiment d'Albanie were Scottish. Locheil was its Colonel, the captaincy of the Grenadier Company going to Dr Archie ('Cameron de Glen Kengy' [Kingie]). A few of the junior officers were Camerons and a small minority of the rank and file, the majority of whom were not Scots but foreign mercenaries, German and Swiss as well as Frenchmen. At thirty livres a day the regiment's Colonel was well rewarded. The regiment's uniform was 'red coats with white waistcoats, facings and breeches'.

Locheil died in France on the 26th October 1748"
Dr Archie, Locheil's younger brother, (possibly held a captancy in Ogilvy's regiment) was captured while visiting Scotland and executed in 1753.

- Taken from 'The Gentle Locheil' - a narrative researched from Locheils own memoire and 'the Locheil Papers'. by John S Gibson

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