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Chronology of Scot's Military Action 1639 -1646
Feb 13 : Hunty Musters Royalists

Mar 21: Edinburgh Castle stormed by Covenanters under Leven

Mar 26: Dumbarton Castle seized by Covenanters

May 10: Unsuccessful Royalist attack on Towie Barclay Castle near Turriff. First Fatality

May 14: "Trot of Turiff" Dramatic Royalist victory

Jun 5: : Covenanters under Leven muster at Duns near Berwick

Jun 15: Indecisive engagement just north of Stonehaven. Aboyne (Royalist) declined to assault village and army retired in confusion to Aberdeen.

Jun 18: "Pacification of Berwick"

Jun 18-19: Royalist forces defend Big O'Dee outside Aberdeen for two days against Montrose (Covenanter) but driven off. Both sides unaware of peace Treaty signed on 18th.


March: Fresh siege/blockade of Edinburgh Castle begins.

Jun 7: Covenanters seize Drum Castle near Aberdeen

Jul 10: Covenanters seize Strathbogie Castle

Jul 11: "Battle" of Auchindoun"

Aug 20: Covenanters invade England.

Aug 28: Scots force crossing of river Tyne at Newburn against feeble English resistance.

Aug 29: Scots capture Newcastle.

Sep 15: Covenanters capture Edinburgh Castle when garrison starved into surrender.

Oct 29: "Treaty of Ripon" signed."


Jan 19: Scots under Leven invade England.

Feb 5: Indecisive fighting at Corbridge in Northumberland between Scots under Lord Balgonie and English under Sir Marmaduke Langdale who seems to have had the best of it.

Mar 7: Rearguard action at Penshaw Hill by Scots withdrawing into Sutherland.

Mar 9: Rebels under Sir John Gordon of Haddo raid Aberdeen and kidnap the Provost.

Mar 16: Scots under Colonel William Stewart capture South Shields

Mar 25: Indecisive battle at Boldon Hill near Sunderland between Leven's Scots and Newcastle's English Royalist army.

Apr 13: Dumfries briefly occupied by Royalist Rebel's under Montrose.

Apr 18: Siege of York begins.

Apr 21: Town of Montrose stormed by rebels under Irvine of Drum and Nathaniel Gordon

Jul 2: Marston Moor Scots under Leven made a substantial contribution to the allied victory over Rupert

Jul 8: Irish troops land on West Coast of Scotland.

Jul 16: York surrenders to allied army.

Sep 13: Rebels under Montrose defeat government forces at Tippermuir outside Perth and capture burgh.

Sep 13: Rebels under Montrose defeat government forces at Aberdeen.

Oct 13: Newcastle stormed by Scots.

Oct 27: Tynemouth castle surrenders to Scots.

Oct 28: Indecisive fighting at Fyvie Castle.


Feb 2: Government forces defeated at Inverlochy by Montrose.

Feb 18: Regular cavalry regiment led by Lord Gordon defects to rebels causing fall of Elgin.

Mar 15: Rebel quarters in Aberdeen beaten up by Sir John Hurry

Apr 4: Rebels storm Dundee but then narrowly escape destruction by government forces under Hurry and William Baillie.

Apr 20: Doune Castle seized by Rebels.

May 9: Rebels nearly surprised at Auldearn by Hurry but stout resistance Irish and Gordon's regulars saves the day.

Jun 28: Carlisle surrenders to David Leslie.

Jul 2: Baillie defeated by Rebels at Alford

Jul 30: Scots under Leven lay siege to Hereford.

Aug 15: Rebels attacked by Baillie at Kilsyth. Numbers of foote were approximately even but the Rebels outnumbered Baillie's horse. Total disaster followed.

Sep 5: Siege of Hereford lifted.

Sep 13: Rebels utterly defeated at Philiphaugh near Selkirk by David Leslie.

Nov 28: Scots under Leven lay siege to Newark on Trent.


April: Montrose besieges Inverness.

May 5: King Charles surrenders.

May 14: Aberdeen stormed.

Jun 5: Battle of Benburb (Ulster).

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