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Fraser's 78th Regiment

Taken from the essay KING GEORGE'S ARMY, 1714-1750, by Alan J. Guy, from the collection of essays gathered in the Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery/National Army Museum book '1745: CHARLES EDWARD STEWART AND THE JACOBITES'

"There was no denying either their valour in action, or their effectiveness as soldiers. At the bungled assault on the French lines at Fort Ticonderoga, more than 500 of the 1,000 officers and men of the 42nd Foot were killed and wounded (8th July 1758); fourteen months later on the Plains of Abraham, Fraser's 78th Regiment completed the rout of Montcalm's army by a full bloodied Highland charge, broadsword in hand (13 September 1759), and on the battlefields of the German war (1758-63) Highland soldiers pioneered the kind of light-infantry tactics which would be of such importance in the development of the art of war towards the end of the century."

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