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King Charles I
  • Born: 19 NOV 1600, Dunfermline Castle, Scotland
  • Acceded: 2 FEB 1626
  • Died: 30 JAN 1649, Whitehall Palace,England
  • Interred: St. George's,Chapel,Windsor,England

.....beheaded; the only English King to be publicly executed. Speech from the Scaffold
.....Burke says he married 11 May 1625 or 1 May.
.....He believed that God had made him a King, so he did not need to consult his subjects. He managed to rule without a Parliament until 1640, and tried to force his Scottish subjects to accept English Church services. When this led to a war he could not afford, he promised to share some of his power with Parliament. People no longer trusted him and England slid into Civil War.

"And therefore I tell you (and I pray God it be not laid to your charge) that I am the Martyr of the people." - [Speech on the scaffold]

Father: Stuart, James I, King of Britain, b. 19 JUN 1566
Mother: Anne of Denmark, b. 14 OCT 1574
Married: 13 JUN 1625, Canterbury,England to , Henrietta_Maria of France

  • Child 1: Stuart, Charles James, Duke of Cornwall, b. 13 MAY 1629
  • Child 2: Stuart, Charles II, King of Britain, b. 29 MAY 1630
  • Child 3: Stuart, Mary, Princess Royal, b. 4 NOV 1631
  • Child 4: Stuart, James II, King of Britain, b. 14 OCT 1633
  • Child 5: Stuart, Elizabeth, b. 29 DEC 1635
  • Child 6: Stuart, Anne, b. 17 MAR 1637
  • Child 7: Stuart, Catherine, b. 29 JUN 1639
  • Child 8: Stuart, Henry of Gloucester, Duke of Gloucester, b. 8 JUL 1640
  • Child 9: Stuart, Henrietta Anne, b. 16 JUN 1644

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