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Your page here is historically inaccurate:

You have the wrong Sir Allan Maclean joining the 77th Montgomery Highlanders in 1757. You show a portrait of Sir Allan MacLean of Torloisk who fought at Bergen Op Zoom in 1747 but he was commissioned a lieutenant in the 60th Foot Royal Americans at the beginning of the Seven years War and was severely wounded at Ticonderoga in 1758. He was then given one of the four NY Independent Companies until he retirned to Scotland where he raised the 114th Maclean's Highlanders also known as the Royal Highland Volunteers as their Major Commandant.You can confirm all this by simply consulting the British Army Lists for 1756 through 1760. The picture you show is of Torliosk as a Colonel of the Royal Highland Emigrants (84th Foot)during the American Revolution.

The Sir Allan you have confused him with is Sir Allan Maclean of Coll,the 21st Chieftain whose sister, Janet, was married to Torliosk. Sir Allan was also at Bergen Op Zoom with the Dutch Scots Brigade were he was wounded. (Don't be embarassed: David Stewart of Garth himself made a ballocks of all this in his famous but high inaccurate and undependable Sketches of the Highlanders). Coll was commissioned in the 77th in summer of 1757 and given command of one of the three Additional Companies sent over to Philadelphia to reinforce the ten companies that had gone over the year before to Charleston and were assigned that year to Forbes expedition to take Fort Duquesne. It was his wife who died and it was he who died on Inchkenneth. All of the material you quote as being Torliosk's in actual fact was redcorded by James Boswell when he and Samuel Johnson visited him at Inchkenneth a few years before his death. His cousin Torliosk then became Sir Allan and 22nd Chieftain. Hope this helps.

Read it in my new book coming out soon!

As a Highlander website I thought you might also like to know about a new book on Archie Montgomerie's First Battalion that reenactor Tim Todish and I have have just put out with Wray Romiger's Purple Mountain Press in the US and Robin Brass Studios in Canada. Steve Brumwell, the authour of Redcoats, did the Introduction and Bob "Griff" Griffing did a special cover showing the capture of Private Robert Kirkwood of the 77th Foot at Fort Duquesne in 1758 by the Shawnee whilst part of Major James Grant's unsuccessful raid. He escaped (fortunately for us or he would have never written his memoirs) . Kirkwood later transferred into the 42nd Foot Black Watch after the Battle of Bushy Run 1763 and went with Capt Thomas Stirling down to the Illinois country in 1765, the first Highlanders on the Mississippi!

I have taken the liberty of including two links to the new book entitled THROUGH SO MANY DANGERS; The Adventures and Memoirs of Robert Kirk; Late of the Royal Highland first published in 1775 and now reprinted from the only known copy held in the British Museum. Enjoy.

Yours aye & Slainte!

Ian Macperson McCulloch
Commanding Officer (1993-1996)
The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada

Creag Dhubh!

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