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Policy adopted by the Crown Estates of Scotland
"....policy adopted by the Crown Estates of Scotland towards the Highlands during the 16th and 17th centuries - a policy expressed in the Statutes of Icolmkil (Iona) 1609 where we find the 6th Statute: 'The quhilk day, it being understand that the ignorance and incivilitie of the saidis Iles hes daylie incressit be the negligence of guid educatioun and instructioun of the youth in the knowledge of God and good letters for remeid quhair of it is inactit that every gentilman or yeamen within the saidis Ilandis, or any of thame, haveing childerine maill or famell, and being in goodis worth thriescore ky, sall put at the leist their eldest sone, or haveing no children maill thair eldest dochter, to the scuillis in the Lowland and interteny and bring thame upthair quhill that may be found able sufficientlie to speik reid and wryte Inglishe (Register of Privy Council 1609, IX 28-29)'
....even the remotest and most patriotically Gaelic clans were well able by the 18th centrury to speak English and well able to accommodate themselves to the customs of the southern parts of the realm
-Taken from Donald C. Fraser's essay 'Some Highland Causes of the '45', published in "The '45 to gather an image whole", The Mercat Press. Resourced from 'Argyll in the Forty Five: j Ferguson 1951' and 'Gaelic in Scotland 1698-1981: C.W.J. Withers (John Donald) 1983.

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