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Government Army at Kilsyth 1645

The Marquis of Argyle’s Regiment, the Earl of Crawford-Lindsay’s, Colonel Robert Home’s, then Earl of Lauderdale’s and "three that were joyned in one". The last, 300 strong, comprised the remnants of three regiments earlier destroyed by the rebels; the Earl of Cassillis’ Regiment and the Earl of Glencairn's, both of whom had served at Alford, and the Earl of Loudoun's Regiment which had been at Auldearn. This composite battalion was probably commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Kennedy of Cassillis' Regiment. Before the battle began a sixth battalion had been formed under Major John Haldane of the Earl of Loudoun's Regiment, comprising musketeers drawn from each of the five regiments. With the exception of Home's Regiment, still over 1,000 strong, all had previously served in England - two of them at Marston Moor - and were by no means raw militia. In contrast to these veterans however Baillie had just picked up a further three regiments from Fife in whom he can have reposed little confidence. They were commanded by Sir Thomas Morton of Cambo, Lord Balfour of Burleigh, and Sir John Brown of Fordell. The first had been raised in February 1645 as part of the response to the rebel victory at Inverlochy and Brown's Regiment may have been raised at the same time. Balfour of Burleigh's Regiment had of course been raised in 1644 but had seen no action since its mauling at Tippermuir. Ruthven reckons them to have totalled 2,000 men but given the fact they had disbanded only a short time before, half that number is probably more realistic. The average strength of Baillie's other regiments will have been around 400 men apiece although Argyle's was a small regiment and may only have accounted for 300.
This means that on the morning of the 15th August 1645 Baillie probably had little more than 3,000 or at the most 3,500 infantry.

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