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Scots at Marston Moor

Extracts from "Marston Moor 1644",
Peter Young

In the front line, right to left, were two Scots brigades under Lt. General Baillie, a brigade of Fairfax' Army and two brigades of Manchester's Army, doubtless under Crawford.
The regiments of the two Scots brigades were those of:

Earl of Crawford-Lindsay
Viscount Maitland
General Sir Alexander Hamilton
James Rae

The second line was entirely composed of Scots under Major-General Sir James Lumsden and consisted of these regiments:

  • Lord Chancellor (Earl of Loudoun)
  • Earl of Buccleuch
  • Earl of Cassillis
  • William Douglas of Kilhead
  • Earl of Dunfermline
  • Lord Coupar (Cowper)
  • Lord Livingstone
  • Master of Yester

The third line consisted of a brigade of Lord Manchester's Army....., one of Scots,...

".......Lt. Colonel Simon Needham, who commanded Sir William Constable's Regiment, tried manfully to rally his men, but in vain. Blakiston's charge had a very remarkable effect, reaping a swathe through the Allied centre and reaching the summit of the ridge. It seems that not only Fairfax' men, but most of the Scots Brigade on their right (General Hamilton's and James Rae's) gave way. Worse still, the right hand brigade of the second line was assailed by part of Lucas' cavalry. Lumsden gives a cryptic version of what happened: 'These that ran away shew themselves most baselie. I comanding the battel was on the head of your Lordships [Loudoun's] Regiment, and Buccleuches; but they carried themselves not so as I could have wished, neither could I prevaile them: For these that fled, never came to charge with the enemie, but were so possest with ane pannick fear, that they ran for an example to others, and no enemie following them, which gave the enemie [the opportunity?] to charge them, they intended not, & they had only the losse.' Lumsden tried hard to patch up the front line where Lord Lindsay's Brigade-the extreme right-though charged by Lucas and with both flanks in the air, was standing like a rock."

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