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Spanish Support in 1719
This is about the Spanish soldiers who supported the Jacobites in the 1719 uprising.
A total of 319 spaniards survived the fighting, 45 surrendering at Eilean Donan, and the rest, under D. Nicolas Bolano at Glensheil.

The men were part of Regimento numero 3 La Corona, which was a Tercio of Marine infantry founded in 1566 as the Naples tercio. It was because of the regiments amphibious tradition that it was chosen for the Scottish expedition.

La Corona wore a French style coat in white without lapels and with blue collar cuffs and lining, a blue waistcoat, and white breeches with long white linen gaiters. Their tricornes were edged with white tape with a red cockade. Grenadiers wore a tall black fur cap with a long cloth bag hanging at the back in blue edged in white. Equipment consisted of a long straight hanger in a double frog with a socket bayonet suspended from a buff waist belt, cartridges were carried in a belly-box on the belt, and a priming flask was carried on a strap over the left shoulder. Grenadiers had a large leather box on a cross strap for grenades. Officers and NCO's were much the same as in other armies except that all ranks from Colonel to Sergeant carried a ornamented cane.

The colours of La Corona were a white flag with two golden anchors crossed on a pale blue shield.

- Article by Allan Bryan-Tansley

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