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Poem 'Son of Scotland'
I promised I would watch
You, alas I failed
As you now sleep 'neath
The ground , my soul
'tis impaled

we fought side by side for freedom
aye, it was a noble cause,
into the pages of history
you go, and with my applause,

you were like a brother tae me,
aye and so much more,
I must take my leave now
My heart 'tis sore, 'tis sore

We were unbeatable, on that
Glorious field,
Claymores ringing out sweetly
Against bone and shield.

In the end we were victorious
But you lost the fight,
My brother, kinsman
He of our Clan, how can I face
The night?

On the morrow we go onward
For we must free our land,
To thee I salute a Highland gentleman
And a son of Scotland.

Written by Dave Wilkie
Who knows what this noble highlander is thinking, although he is of these times, where does his heart belong?
Where indeed?

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