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Lament for Montrose
Lament for Montrose

Tha Sasannaich gar faireigneadh
Gar creach gar murt s gar marbhadh
Gun ghabh ar n-Athair fearg ruinn
Gur dearmad dhuinn s gur bochd.

Mar bha Cloinn Israeil
Fo bhruid aig Righ na h-Eiphit
Tha sinn air a chor cheudna
Chan eigh iad ruinn ach Seoc.

Ar righ an deis a chrunadh
Mur gann a leum e ur-fhas
Na thaisdealach bochd ruisgte
Gun gheard gun chuirt gun choisd.

Ga fhar-fhuadach as aite
Gun duine leis de chairdean
Mar luing air uachdar saile
Gun stiuir gun ramh gun phort.

"(The English are oppressing us heavily, pillaging, murdering. and slaying
us. Our Father has become angry with us, we are forgotten and in evil case.

Just as the Children of Israel were in bondage to the king of Egypt so is
our condition; the only name they have for us is 'Jock'.

Our king after being crowned and before he had barely reached maturity is a poor exposed wanderer without guard or court of parliament.

He is banished from his rightful place and none of his friends is with
him, like a ship on the sea without rudder or oar or harbour to make for.)"

-Taken from the Gaelic poet Iain Lom of Lochaber's lament for Montrose.



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