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And so ends the Irish Story
And so ends the Irish Story

And so ends the Irish Story of the saga of MacColla.

He is buried in the tomb of the O'Callaghans in Clonmeen Churchyard, Kanturk, County Cork. He was given a typical Highland Warriors burial, thousands mourned him. All the Gaelic chieftains of Munster attended his funeral. The Marching tune is called in English MacAllistrum's March, in Gaelige it is Máirseail Alasdroim. Alison Kinniard has also recorded a beautiful lament, a harp composition of his death [Bas Aliastroim] this was composed by the Scottish harpist Iain Lom.

The beautiful and stirring march was played at his funeral by Scottish Pipers and Irish harpists, it was composed by the Confederates Harpist an O'Cahan and was composed for his funeral. There is a recording by the Chieftains in conjunction with the Belfast Harp Orchestra on RCA called The Celtic Harp by the Chieftains. It is indeed a fitting tribute to this enigma, and is a very stirring evocative tune. There is also a Scottish "Waulking" song about the man, it does not translate very well[in fact the translator must have been on drugs], and may appear cryptic to all but the most familiar with the man, this is recorded by both the Scottish band Capercaillie and it is also on the Irish Band Clannads latest album.

Note: Turlough O'Carolan composed a harp lament composition for Manus Rua O'Cahan this is extensively recorded in Ireland. The tune is called Manus Rua O'Cahan. Also ALL Irish clans have a march, the March of the O'Cahans is very obscure but it is a very stirring tune recorded to commemorate Turlough O'Cahan the 16th Century Grand Father of Manus and his victory over the MacDonalds[ironic is it not]. All Irish marches though played on the harp where composed for the war pipe.

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