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Alasdair MacColla

The above content was written and submitted by Austin Rock in 1996, since then ScotWars has received the following note

Re: the comments on Alasdair MacColla and the lack of a memorial to Knocknanuss...
In 1997 local history enthusiasts led by Mr Con Tarrant of Banteer, Cork raised money for a stone monument and plaque to the battle and a plaque for Clonmeen Church where MacColla is buried. At the time the remains of the lead lining of his coffin could still be reached through a hole in the crypt. This has since been covered up and is no longer accessible but I can attest to Mr Tarrant's breadth of knowledge as he and his daughter very kindly took me around the various sites as well as the impressive remains of Kanturk Castle. I visited the area on November 13, 1999 - the anniversary of the battle - and would recommend it. If any of your members come across Mr Tarrant (his family runs the local garage) please pass on my regards to him. His efforts deserve recognition. (Brian Attwood)

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